Certificate Programs

Attend an Open House or Online ChatGraduate certificates are a good way for adult students to begin graduate school while enhancing their resumes and careers.  If you want to study the latest knowledge in a field but don't want to do a full time master's degree (or if already have a master's degree), a certificate program might be right for you.

Each certificate program offers four courses for a total of 12 credits, and NJIT changes the slate of its online certificates each year to assure that credentials are in areas where there are jobs to be filled.  You can also apply the credits you earn in a certificate program towards a master's degree. Fifty percent of students who've gotten certificates at NJIT have gone on to pursue master's degrees here. The university makes it easy for students to ease into a masters' program. Once admitted for degree study, NJIT accepts all certificate credits and students needn't ever provide GRE scores.

NJIT's certificate programs have been cited for excellence by the American Council of Graduate Schools. Certificate News also rated the NJIT certificate programs among the best programs in the nation. Graduate Certificates are available in the following areas:

The Certificates:

Business and Computing

The graduate certificate in Business and Computing will be technically oriented and focus on designing the sophisticated software systems and applications used by corporations, financial firms and Wall Street firms. Students will learn advanced computing skills -- networking and security, databases, data mining and algorithms. But they also study subjects such as accounting, finance, organizational behavior and marketing.

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Business and Information Systems Implementation

Business and Information Systems ImplementationChanges in information technology have been substantial in recent years; such as, analysis, design and programming have become ""object-oriented"" and information systems are impacted by concerns for privacy, ethics, intellectual property, and compliance issues.  This graduate certificate provides an update on current information technologies and practices. The focus is on a broad view of the delivery of data content and applications in an organization and the identification of trends that will have a major impact on future business results.

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Construction Management

Construction managementThis graduate certificate trains individuals for highly skilled jobs in general contracting, heavy highway and building construction, mechanical and electrical contracting, and construction management.  This certificate teaches managerial aspects of contracting and the study of an individual firm in relation to the entire construction industry. Topics include contractor organization and management, legal aspects of construction, and financial planning. In addition, this graduate certificate will allow professionals to specifically focus in on the legal aspect of Environmental Engineering, Construction Management or Legal, Ethical and Intellectual Property Issues for Engineering Managers.

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Crisis Management and Business Continuity

CMBCThe Graduate Certificate in Crisis Management and Business Continuity focuses on the business side of emergency management.  It is closely related to the Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management for Information Assurance which focuses on the information systems side of emergency management.  These certificates share a common fundamental core of two courses out of four choices that span the nature of emergencies in organizations, their impact on individuals, and the information and communication systems that supports emergency management.

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Data Mining

Data MiningMany companies collect reams of data about their customers and their transactions, but how can a company drill through these repositories of data to unearth crucial insights and knowledge about customer behavior and market trends?

This graduate certificate provides an introduction to data mining with an emphasis on large-scale databases as a source of knowledge generation and competitive advantage.

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Engineering Leadership

Engineering ManagementNJIT's graduate certificate in Engineering Leadership is designed to produce business-savvy engineers. Engineers who not only understand technology but also the essential principals of business, law, global marketing, finance, management, new media based communication, and sustainability issues have a tremendous competitive advantage in the business world. This certificate will provide competency in the fields of finance, marketing, management, legal issues and sustainability. This knowledge gives NJIT certificate students an advantage because skills in business, technology management and entrepreneurship resonate with industry.

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Global Technology Management

GTMOver the past decade, successful outsourcing strategies have evolved from a client/vendor methodology to an integrated team approach.  Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have leveraged outsourcing to gain scalability and cost competitiveness in the marketplace.  Many of these SMEs have expanded their outsourcing relationships to Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) models to ensure that core institutional knowledge remains a part of their company's assets and value propositions.

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Instructional Design, Evaluation, and Assessment

The Instructional Design, Evaluation, & Assessment (IDEA) track is designed to teach students to build quality educational experiences at varying levels for diverse learner populations for any discipline of study or subject matter.

IDEA is directed at K-16 teachers and administrators faced with instructional design and educational measurement demands in a culture of accountability.

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Management Essentials

Management EssentialsThe courses use shared business cases and a shared knowledge base that are accessible throughout the certificate program. The common cases and knowledge base allow students to review material from courses that they have completed and provide an integrated perspective to business problems. Course delivery and material include online lectures accessible over the Internet, threaded discussions, online chat in real time and case analyses. Each course has the same user interface so that each course has the same look and feel allowing students to move seamlessly from course to course. Credential relates in its entirety to either NJIT MBA or NJIT MS in Management.

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Management of Technology

Management of TechnologyWith the use of technology on a constant rise, NJIT recognizes the demand for highly trained individuals to manage the influence of technology in organizations and the global market place.  This credential relates in its entirety to either NJIT  MBA or NJIT MS in Management.

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Network Security and Information Assurance

NSIAWith the ubiquitousness of computer technology and the growth of the Internet, digital information has become one of the most critical for all types of organization, public and private, and for society as a whole. The amount of digital information stored is growing exponentially, and so is the need to provide wide and efficient access to it. Unfortunately, errors and malicious attacks readily propagate along the same channels as legitimate access to information. Consequently, security failures are frequent and their consequences may be serious or catastrophic; recovery may be difficult and expensive. Measures to assure the security and integrity of computer networks and the information are critical.

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Pharmaceutical Management

The interdisciplinary Certificate in Pharmaceutical Management is designed to provide the students with an overview of the pharmaceutical industry, including information about drug discovery and development, FDA requirements, approval processes and the methodologies used by industry to comply with these regulations, drug dosage forms, and the role of key operational units in drug manufacturing processes. The students will understand the role of the pharmaceutical industry in the global market and its implications; learn the fundamentals of the drug development cycle and the investment required to bring a drug to market, and learn the most important drug manufacturing processes and the key elements of dosage formulation. Special emphasis is placed on the project, quality, and financial management aspects of the pharmaceutical business

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Project Management

Project ManagementNJIT recognizes the industry need for highly skilled individuals to plan project implementation and control progress, along with the ability to estimate, budget, and control capital investments.  Project Management courses are taught by instructors with experience in the field and PMP certification, when appropriate.   Many students find that this program enhances their work performance and marketability.

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Social Media Essentials

Today’s innovations in communication have created an undeniable demand for specialists in social media. Corporations, governments, and non profits are engaging in digital media to extend the reach of their initiatives providing a fresh platform for launching new products and services. Graduates from this certificate program will know when and how to use media tools to foster dialogue and drive action. Students will gain competencies in communication, information design, and new technologies.

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Software Engineering, Analysis and Design

Software EngineeringThe program’s narrow focus allows you to dig deep into this specific topic, and start applying your knowledge sooner. It’s possible to some of the courses online, so you can more easily fit the program into your busy life. And whether you take courses online or on campus, you’ll learn from NJIT’s distinguished professors and instructors of the College of Computing Sciences.

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Technical Communication Essentials

Technical Communication EssentialsThe Technical Communication Essentials Graduate Certificate (formerly known as the Practice of Technical Communications) prepares students to communicate in  rapidly changing technology fields. Students gain skills and knowledge in technical writing and editing, documentation, content management, and web-based training.

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Web Systems Development

The Internet and the World Wide Web are the most transformative inventions of our time, and NJIT's graduate certificate in Web Systems Development provides a core set of knowledge and skills to develop Web-based application systems. Topics

covered include information retrieval, multimedia systems, open source web design, web mining, web services, middleware, and authentication. The program is designed to produce web-savvy system developers for career and knowledge advancement or to open pathways for individuals not yet in the web development community.

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